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Ranger History

Ford Ranger History & Review

The Ford Ranger was the best-selling compact pickup truck for nearly 20 years; peaking during the 1990s. Because of this success the general look was only changed moderately including only 2 major generational body designs. The chassis, underpinnings and other components were however varied greatly along with where it was made which shifted many times during its 29 year run.

Part of the Ranger’s massive success was due to its focus and timing. Coming on the heels of a major gas crisis the Ford Ranger aimed at capability of a full size truck with better fuel efficiency; was a perfect fit for many desiring a quality, versatile pickup. This combined with the 25% Chicken Tax on Imported trucks helped the Ranger dominate the market.


1st Generation Ford Ranger (1983 – 1992)

1983 Ford Ranger AdThe initial Ford Ranger was a bare bones offering with utilitarian features such as four wheel drive and diesel engine options. The idea was basically for the Ranger to be a mini Ford F-Series truck.

The standard bed option was minimal on the cargo space however the long bed allowed for storage more in line with full size trucks. Both four-cylinder and V6 engine amongst various Manual and Automatic transmission options.

1986 SupercabA Super-Cab version was brought to market in 1986 with extra storage space in the cabin behind the front seats. This also included a pair of jump seats as an option for the ability to seat 4 in a pinch.

1986 also saw the special trim Ranger GT come to California with a variety of more sporty features both mechanical and visual. In 1989 the Ranger received some minor cosmetic modifications and the drivetrain options were consolidated.


2nd Generation Ford Ranger (1993 – 2012)

1993 Ford RangerThe body redesign of the Ford Ranger was relatively mild compared to other trucks in the market. Ford made the truck slightly larger and continued to consolidate drive train options along with common components among things such as gage clusters, suspension and paneling.   Additional safety features such as driver’s side airbags were also incorporated early in the model generation.

FX4 Level II1998 marked an important model year as the Ranger retained the same body design while getting a 3 inch longer wheel base, bigger cab. The front began to look similar to a Dodge Dakota. Ford also updated the Ranger’s suspension along with minor updates to the grille, hood, bumpers and trim. Special edition Rangers including the FX4 Level II were also introduced designed to compete with Off-Road packages from competitors like the Toyota Tacoma TRD.

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