1997 2.3L 306 in Epsom, NH

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: New Hampshire
-City: Epsom
-Asking Price: $3,000
-Contact: (603) 545-9581

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1997
-Engine: 2.3L 306
-Transmission: Other
-Miles: 180k
-Color: Red

Description: 1997 Ford Ranger. This is a southern/west coast truck. No rust. Air Bags in front, air shocks in rear. These wheels/Tires are valued over $1000. DJM I-Beam suspension ($400) in the front. Custom alignment. Xenon front bumper included. Custom roll pan that has been blended into the rear. Racing seats. 1200 watt sound system included. 2.3L engine and transmission have been pulled. I have the aluminum driveshaft I will include. (This truck didn’t have an aluminum one piece driveshaft. It had a crappy 2 piece steel unit. I upgraded it, yes it makes a difference.) I want $2000 for the truck. 245 front tires, 285 rear. It handles amazingly being so light and low. This is not some crappy lowrider. The suspension is completely adjustable. It has custom front springs. I would take on/off ramps at insane speeds and it would stick to the road like glue.

It had a 2.3 in it, I threw a rod @ 180,000 miles. Body has approx 180k on it. No accidents. I owned it from 120K on. This truck came from Tacoma, WA. I was there for 2 years, then stationed in FL for 2 years. It has sat covered here since last October.

Also included is a 306 stroked out 302 small block Ford engine. Forged internals. I pulled this out of a Florida Highway Patrol Foxbody I owned. Ready to swap into the Ranger, or swap it into your own vehicle. I want $1000 for the engine. The engine does not have any problems, I took it running out of the mustang last summer.

*this is not a turn-key truck. It will require work. The 306 is not attached to the T5 Trans. T5 trans includes a new clutch kit that goes with it. Off the top of my head you will need the Ranger 302 V8 swap kit, to retrofit some ujoints on the driveshaft, and swap in an 8.8 differential with 31 spline axles and traction lock feature to handle the power. As well as convert the existing hydraulic clutch to manual cable for the t5. I have a fuel pressure regulator to dial down the fuels psi for carb I will include. This truck has a replacement dash in it. Audio system is included. Selling AS IS condition.


Truck Photos

1997 Epsom NH

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