Ad Disclaimers & Website Process

This page contains a brief discussion of how we create and manage listings, our website process along with general disclaimers for your reference. If you have a question about anything that is not covered here, please Contact Us.


Website Purpose

The core purpose of is to be an online catalog of all past and current Ford Ranger trucks for sale By Owner across North America (United States, Canada and Mexico). We cover all model years of the long 29 Year (1983 – 2012) production run.

We are focused as a private seller resource and do not include the Ford Rangers offered at dealerships; rather they be official Ford Dealers are licensed 3rd party resellers/dealers. The goal is to be a rolling fair market value calculator for both private sellers and potential buyers to see what various condition and model year Ford Rangers are listed for.

This site is also a place to get build ideas, so the price of different Rangers are in different regions along with a place to find out more general information about the Ford Ranger model.


How to Navigate Our Classifieds

For ease of use we have created a Classifieds Navigation to the far right of every single page. Here you can use three tools listed below to sort our ads.

  1. Model Year
  2. Truck Location
  3. Search Box

Clicking on a particular Model Year or Truck Location will return the 10 most recent ads for that specific term. Use the search box for custom terms such as “XLT” or “Super Cab” or anything else you desire. You will again be presented with the 10 most recent ads. If your search yields no results you will get an error message. Try searching again.

If you simply want to see the 10 most recent ads regardless of Model Year or Location you can click on the links in our 10 Most Recent Ads section below the Website Navigation.

Listings Source

We pull Ford Ranger ads from popular online classifieds such as Craigslist, eBay and AutoTrader along with listings posted directly to our site. We repost ads from popular resources to provide a more complete picture of the entire Ford Ranger market. Should you have a Ford Ranger you would like to see on this site please use our Ad Submission page.

*Please take note that we only repost ads on a Weekly basis and do not repost all ads for all regions at once, so at any given time this website is not a complete picture of the entire current market


Expired & Sold Listings

In order to keep a rolling database of past Ford Rangers For Sale we do not delete old ads from the site. Instead we do our best to mark them as SOLD and remove any seller information. We update these listings on a weekly basis but from time to time may miss one here or there. Please send us a message on our Contact page should you find one of these.


Seller Information

We do our best to report the best possible information for reaching the seller. However we are limited with what the sellers provide, especially for reposted listings. Please take this into account before commenting on an individual listing. Should you find an ad with outdated or inaccurate seller information please let us know on our Contact Page.

**Additionally, if you are the seller of a particular Ranger on this site and would like your personal contact information removed regardless of SOLD status, Send Us a Message and we will remove it as soon as possible.


Scam Posts

We do our best to filter out scam or spammy posts however even these slip through sometimes. This is particularly an issue with ads reposted from Craigslist. If you run into an ad that you expect is a scam, please let us know and we will mark it appropriately.


Affiliations and Copyright is an independent site and is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, Craigslist, eBay, AutoTrader or another other company listed on this site. Trademarks and brand names are only used on this site for reference only and in adherence with the Fair Use clause of US Copyright Law. See our Terms of Use page for more information.